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What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance covers you if a customer or passerby is injured while on your business property. It also covers you if you or someone who works for you damages a client’s property while doing work.

What does general liability insurance cover?

  • General liability insurance will pay for medical expenses if someone slips and falls while in your shop, office or other workplace.
  • It will also cover you if you or someone who works for you breaks a vase, floods a basement, or causes other damage to a client’s property while doing work.
  • General liability insurance also protects you against lawsuits of advertising injuries, such as infringing on a trademarked copyright or slogan if your business’s ad is too similar to another ad; or if you inadvertently use an idea in your ads that belongs to a third party.

Who needs general liability insurance?

Most businesses benefit from general liability insurance. The simple rule of thumb is that if you, your employees, or your business activities can possibly cause bodily injury or property damages to any third party, you will need general liability coverage. 

Contractors are the typical professionals that need general liability insurance coverage. Learn more at the cheapest general liability insurance companies for contractors.

A lawsuit for an injury that results from a customer slip and fall in your workplace could cost you millions of dollars, which would likely put you out of business. Plus, would you be able to pay out of pocket if you or someone who works for you damaged a valuable painting in a client’s home while working near it? The answer for most small business owners is NO, which is why they need general liability coverage.

How much does general liability insurance cost?

The cost of general liability insurance can vary dramatically. It’s based on factors like the size of your business, number of locations, company industry, the risks you face, and more.

Small businesses usually pay as low as $35 a month for general liability coverage.

Learn more details at how much general liability insurance costs for different types of businesses

Cheap general liability insurance

This is coverage you definitely don’t want to skip on even your small business is on tight budget. For some small businesses such as contractors, construction, handyman, cleaning, landscaping, roofing, and HVAC, it is required for you to earn business from your customers. 

Compare quotes from several providers to find the general liability coverage you need at a price you can afford. Learn more at the cheapest general liability insurance companies for small businesses.

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General Liability Insurance FAQs

You could be forced to pay legal and settlement costs if a client, customer or passerby is injured on your business property. The same is true if you or someone who works for you damages something owned by a client when you’re working on their property. The costs related to these two things are often enough to put a small business out of operation.

No. Employee injuries and illnesses that happen because of work related reasons are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Learn more about the latest changes in workers comp insurance that small businesses need to know.

Your level of coverage depends on the size of your business property, number of locations, and type of work you do. The standard coverage for a small business is $100K per incident and $300K per year. However, you can increase or decrease the coverage amount as you see fit. 


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